Cities for Living

This page is for you if:

  • You are a developer       
  • You are a city authority      
  • You are a citizens action group     
  • You own a building site      
  • You are from the press     

You believe in better cities and the delights and benefits of planning for people. You know that original ideas are often needed to solve unique problems.

You know that cultural sustainability is essential.
You appreciate that the future is planted in the roots of the past.

You are the person to whom this webspace is addressed. Contact AFR and get strategic planning and architectural design at international levels.

Design the services which suit you 

It's easy enough to write that you get strategic ideas and talented planning. But what does that mean and how do you get it? AFR has grouped some guideline services as inspiration.

  • Planning workshops and guidance for citizens; 
  • Masterplan research and inspiration for city planners;     
  • Design guidelines of urban areas for developers;     
  • Guidance for citizens groups and alternative planning solutions;       
  • Guidance and leadership in encouraging citizen participation;
  • Mentoring for architectural and planning groups lectures and keynote speeches;